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Business-grade VoIP

Our customers have dramatically reduced their costs and improved the flexibility of their telecommunications. They also enjoy corporate grade reliability and functionality. Join them.

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Hosted VoIP telephone systems

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol telephone systems have come of age and can provide all of the functionality of a traditional office telephone system at a significantly lower cost, while also offering far greater flexibility.

Camb IT has partnered with NASDAQ-listed 8x8 Solutions, enabling us to offer our customers access to a world-class cloud-based VoIP platform.

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Why switch your business phone system to VoIP?

  • Significantly lower monthly bills
  • Our customers have saved up to 50% on their phone costs. Pay £13 per month per line and an extra £2 per month for a call bundle and get all local and national calls free of charge.
  • Much lower upfront costs & no maintenance costs
  • You only pay for the handsets, no other expensive hardware or installation is needed.
  • Hassle-free migration from your existing carrier
  • We can manage the porting of your business telephone numbers quickly and efficiently with no fuss and absolutely no downtime or disruption.
  • Allow flexible and remote working seamlessly
  • Calls can be transferred or forwarded to mobile phones. You can use your business line on the go using the mobile app for iOS and Android. Or you can just unplug your phone and use it from home.
  • The world’s No. 1 rated business VoIP platform
  • Our infrastructure, reliability, functionality and customer service is world class because we use the best VoIP platform there is.
  • Cutting edge functionality
  • Enjoy corporate grade functionality like call transferring, call recording, hold music and many, many more - all as standard at no extra charge.

Why choose Camb IT to deliver your VoIP system?

The business case for VoIP is an easy one to make, but why should you choose Camb IT as your provider? We think we have a winning combination of a world-class platform, a great track record, competitive pricing and a friendly, local point of contact.

  • Solid track record with many happy customers and a decade in business
  • Experience of large multi-site rollouts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Local, friendly technical support, provided free of charge
  • Comprehensive technical expertise

Ok, so now you're genuinely interested in VoIP and the benefits it can bring to your business and you want to do a bit more research...

    • Abbreviated dial
      This feature lets a user create, manage and use a personal speed dial list of up to 100 entries that is activated using a star code.
    • Call Park
      This feature lets a user park a call. Parking a call is similar to placing a call on hold, except that when a call is parked, the associated line is freed for normal use.
    • Call Transfer
      The Call Transfer feature lets a user transfer a call to another internal extension or external number.
    • Call Waiting
      Lets a user receive and answer a call on the same line that is currently busy. If desired, the user can then use a feature button to switch back-and-forth between the two calls.
    • DDI ( Direct Dial In)
      This feature allows outside callers to directly dial an internal extension, bypassing an operator or auto-attendant.
    • Do not Disturb
      The Do Not Disturb feature allows a user to block incoming calls and still be able to make calls and use other telephone features.
    • Hunt Groups
      Calls are directed to groups of users for increased call coverage. Five different methods are used to distribute calls within a hunt group.
    • Intercom
      The Intercom feature allows users to make extension-to-extension intercom calls between IP telephones with speakerphones. To use this feature, the user presses the Intercom button and dials the desired extension number.
    • Music on Hold
      The system can play music, recorded announcements, or silence to callers on hold. Files provided with the system can be used for the music source or an analogue music source (such as a radio station) can be interfaced to the system.
    • Night Service
      Ability to route calls to alternate number (for example, directly to voice mail) during non-work hours
    • Selective Call Block
      Allows users to permanently reject incoming calls from a specific, pre-defined incoming number.
    • Voicemail
      Allows one-button access to voicemail, also accessible via direct dial and webportal.
  • VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows phone calls to be made and received over your internet connection. Your voice is compressed into data packets that can be efficiently transmitted over data networks and then converted back into voice at the other end.

    VoIP allows for the transmission of voice along with other data over the internt or other data network, like a LAN for example, and provides an alternative to traditional telephone networks, which use a fixed electrical path to carry voice signals through a series of switches to a destination.

  • Call tariffs (PDF)
    Full list of features (PDF)

Camb ICT are always on hand to help with any ICT issues I have at school either during a scheduled visit, by arranging a special visit or assisting via telephone. They have also been able to source parts for equipment speedily and cost effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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